THE POSTAL BOOK is the only book written specifically for Postal Employees. THE POSTAL BOOK was written by David Fielder, President and Owner of Postal Benefits Group. As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant, David understands the benefits as well as anyone in Shared Services. THE POSTAL BOOK is a FREE resource for Postal Employees to better educate them on Benefits and Retirement.

Real Examples Help You Understand

Postal employees in several states have attended Postal Benefits Group seminars and raved about how much they've learned. David has personally sat down and counseled thousands of Postal employees on real-life situations. This experience allows him to give examples that help employees understand on a whole new level.

The implications of not understanding your benefits can be severe. Protect yourself from costly mistakes and invest in your education today by downloading a FREE copy of THE POSTAL BOOK.

What's inside?

  • REAL ANSWERS - What happens to my spouse in the event of a tradgedy? What forms do I need?
  • FEGLI - Straight talk about what coverage you really need.
  • CSRS Retirement - How to calculate it as well as how Social Security and Military time factor in.
  • FERS - The REAL reason FERS was created and how you can be sure to retire successfully.
  • FERS Special Supplement - The best benefit no one knows about!
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) - The basics of the different funds as well as how to protect and maximize your savings.
  • Military Time - If you need to buy it, we have the process and procedures for you.
  • Forms - Every form an employee will need throughout their career and even retirement.

What's the catch?

No catch, THE POSTAL BOOK is 100% FREE to download from this site. If you prefer a paper-back copy of the actual book you may purchase one for the price of USPS shipping ($5.00). To download or purchase THE POSTAL BOOK click here or follow the button below.

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