Benefit Review

While THE POSTAL BOOK is a fantastic resource for information on your benefits and retirement, it will never compare to a benefit review by a Postal Benefits Group Benefit Specialist.

We believe Postal employees want the "Human" back in Human Resources. The only way you can be absolutely certain you are doing the right things and understand your choices is to sit down and have a one on one meeting with people who know the answers.

Employees who request a benefit receive the following information:

  1. Review of all FEGLI coverage as well as the changing costs that occur over a career and into retirement
  2. Review of any sub time that may not have been bought back yet.
  3. Review of Military time to determine if it is worth it to buy the time back and if you wish to buy the time we have the instructions on how to do so.
  4. Retirement Income Analysis:
    1. Pension calculation- includes showing what you would make if you retired early or with your full 30 years. How can you know if you can afford to retire early unless you have the right numbers.
    2. Social Security and how it factors into your retirement income.
    3. Thrift Savings Plan- what should you do with your TSP to make sure it is safe but will earn enough to support your income needs in retirement?
    4. Health Insurance: We review the cost and the requirements that are necessary to ensure your surviving spouse is covered as well.
    5. Help in completing retirement paperwork.

We have counseled thousands of Postal employees. This experience allows us to have strong opinions about what you should do in retirement. Most employees want help in making the big decisions and just need the peace of mind that comes with a full benefit review.

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