FEGLI Insurance

Every Postal employee has FEGLI (Federal Employee Group Life Insurance). While yor Postal benefits are very good it is still important to understand all the details to prevent you from making critical mistakes and wasting your hard earned money.

Question #1

If you spent $31,000 for something, wouldn't you want something to show for it?

Question #2

If you had a chance to get a mortgage on your home where the payment doubled every 5 years would you do it?

If you are paying for addditional FEGLI coverage you are in some way aswering yes to the above questions. Isn’t it worth a few minutes to find out if you are wasting money on coverage you don’t need or paying too much if you need coverage?

The Postal Service offers FEGLI as a benefit to its employees, but knowing how to use it correctly is where THE POSTAL BOOK comes in. To learn more download THE POSTAL BOOK.