Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)

TSP Thrift Savings Plan

Most postal employees know what the Thrift Savings Plan is, but they do not know how to use it correctly to achieve a successful retirement. THE POSTAL BOOK gives you enough information on the basics to allow anyone to make better decisions.

Inside THE POSTAL BOOK you will find beneficial information on all of the Thrift Savings Plan funds:

  • G Fund - Government Securities
  • F Fund - Government, Corporate, and Mortgage-backed Bonds
  • C Fund - Stocks of Large & Medium-sized U.S. companies
  • S Fund - Stocks of Small & Medium-sized U.S. companies
  • I Fund - Stocks of 21 International countries
  • L Funds - Invested in G, F, C, and S Funds

Understaning your Thrift Savings Plan is even more critical for FERS employees. Every employee hired after 1984 must use the TSP if they are going to have any chance at a successful retirement. To learn more download THE POSTAL BOOK.